Liquid Core

Liquid Core

What’s your CORE?™

CORE /kôr/ (noun) : the central or most important part of something.

Your CORE is what keeps you solid, grounded and happy. It is what you live for and look forward to
when you wake up in the morning.

Our CORE is to empower...
What’s your CORE?™

Empower AND Fund your CORE!

We want to see what moves you! Post a photo or video showing off your CORE for a chance to win Liquid Core® Gum Products and possibly some cold, hard cash!

Every week we will be selecting multiple participants (at random) to empower with Liquid Core® Products. We want to fuel others with the best energy and wellness to encourage them to be their best & live in the moment.

To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. Follow us @LiquidCoreGum on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok
  2. Post a photo or video doing what you love
  3. Hashtag #ThatsMyCore
  4. Tag a friend in your post to challenge them to do the same!

We will be watching the hashtags closely and selecting winners often.

Some fine print: Each week multiple winners will be selected to receive free Liquid Core® Gum Products. Each month, one winner will be selected to win $1,000.00 that they can use how they like to support their CORE. No limit on entries as long as the above steps are followed.

What is Liquid Core®

• Our Liquid Core Gum Brands deliver Cognitive Benefits
from chewing, including Improved Concentration.

• The Liquid Core® Delivery System is ideal. Better
Flavor and Texture means longer chew time for better
absorption and extended Cognitive Benefits!

• The Energy in our Liquid Core® derived
from Green Coffee Beans can provide
Improved Physical Performance and Enhanced
Reaction times.*
• The Wellness in our Liquid Core® derived
from Hemp Extract may help reduce post
workout inflammation and reduce anxiety.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Form Matter

  • To Chew Longer & Taste Better, Liquid Core® Brands Provide Cognitive Benefits Like No Other.
  • The Active Ingredients Release Fast, Xylitol Shell Tastes and Chews Great! Science Proves chewing helps you.
  • Other gums are engineered to have their active ingredients mixed in with the gum shell.
    This leads to a bitter taste and causes the active ingredients to be chewed into the
    shell and not released fully.

  • We have engineered our gum to have its active ingredients inside the center of the xylitol shell. This Liquid Core® allows for a faster release of the active ingredients and allows the user to chew the piece of gum longer to receive both physical and cognitive benefits.

Great Energy Boostee

I work a lot of 16 hour shifts at an airline and this product has been a lifesaver. When dragging at the end of the night Flygum gives me there extra energy to get through my day.

Best Energy Source

I found this product to surpass all energy drinks. There is a no nonsense quality of getting you what you need without all the extra and unnecessary ingredients. Results are immediate with mountain biking and Crossfit. I’m totally sold on Apollo.

Like the the Gum

I have been using the gum for years on my bicycle rides. I find that it increases my alertness which is important when riding.

Traveling acro pilot

 Took some Fly Gum to Oludeniz with me to train for acro. It was great for the jet lag once I arrived as well as when I needed so energy for paragliding and learning new maneuvers. 

Great product

I travel a lot. Mini early morning flights or late evening as well. The gum has help me stay awake and keep alert while traveling. The best part is it does a better job than the energy drinks and I’m not constantly running to the bathroom!

Being a senior golfer my

Being a senior golfer my motor has lost a little horsepower. Golf Gum provides the boost that helps me keep my game where I like it.

Great product

Tremendous help in maintaining focus and concentration. Each piece seems to last me about 2 hours. Use it for golf and softball. Order larger quantities and save $.

Best pre workout ever

Runners this is for you. It’s a great boost. Yummy. Convenient to take on trips or runs. No powder. No mixing. Pop a piece of gum and go workout.

Love it!

I used to drink coffee in the morning before my round of golf, It made me very jittery. Then I found golf gum. I don’t even need coffee in the morning just golf gum, no more jitters just a great round of golf!

My Rocket Fuel

Apollo Gum gets me over that midday hump or when I need a pick-me-up, Tastes great and love the fact that I’m usually done chewing and it still hasn’t lost its flavor! I keep a pack in my briefcase, office and home in their aluminum fuel cells so it always fresh. Great product and great company!