Liquid Core

The Story

Life Was A Dream 
Skydiving at a world-class level and training for the US Nationals, Liquid Core® Founder Troy Widgery and Teammate/Best Friend James Layne were living a life that was almost a dream.  They were   competing at the highest level, with much credit to the legendary Teammate & Coach, Dan B.C.

  • Prior to starting the exit count Coach Dan B.C. would calmly say, “GO SLOW.”  What Troy now understands he meant was, Be in The Moment™.  
  • Dan was trying to get the Team to mimic what athletes and professionals do when the game – or a deal – is on the line: Getting in The Moment “slows” everything down & actually makes people perform better.  

The Plane Crash
Troy and James turned the coach’s admonition into something of a game: When they were clinging to the outside of the airplane ready to jump, amid the deafening wind and droning engines, they’d make eye contact and mouth the words “GO FAST!” to each other.  Hundreds of jumps later, feeling invincible and already pondering the World Meet in the coming year, they boarded a plane at Perris Valley, CA.  Minutes later, Fire Trucks, EMTs and Flight for Life rushed to the scene of one of the most catastrophic skydiving plane crashes ever.

  • Only six out of twenty-two people on the plane survived.  Troy later would name a business he started in memory of his fallen friend: GO FAST!® Energy Drink. 


Be in The Moment™! 

GO FAST!® built a Lifestyle Brand that invented & performed some of the most amazing events and stunts, including Jet Packs, the Human Slingshot, the GO FAST!®  Games at the Royal Gorge, B.A.S.E. jumping and many more.  The energy drinks sold well, but the hard truth was, energy drinks were essentially a jittery sugar rush in a can, with many unwelcome effects & ingredients.  Troy began to focus on what had started as a line extension of GO FAST!® – a better-for-you gum with a liquid center to hold the functional ingredients.

Building the Liquid Core® Team!
Eventually Troy totally stepped away from the energy drink, selling to a group out of Dubai.  Encouraged by many years of R&D on Liquid Core® gum and its potential to be the Next Energy Category, he came to realize that the very thing that brought success and a profitable exit – Energy Drinks – was something that he had to renounce in order to really develop the product he intended to create – THE BEST ENERGY!®

  • Troy set out to assemble a New Team to develop the Liquid Core® Gum Company.
  • He did not have to look far: Most of the Team came right out of the skydiving community.  These friends already knew how to “Be in The Moment™.”
  • Over several years the Team engineered and perfected the Liquid Core® Factory.


Liquid Core® Perfection
All-in, it took more than a decade to perfect the form, center-fill, equipment, formulas, production, etc.

  • It wasn’t until recently that The Team came to understand how to best market to & educate people on why Liquid Core® is the ideal delivery vehicle.
  • When Tiger Woods won the Masters in 2019, while chewing gum for the duration at Augusta, we knew the Cognitive/Smart component would finally be more mainstream.
  • Smart businesspeople and serious athletes like Tiger chew gum before and even during the events that require clarity and focus for a reason…to slow down time…to Be in The Moment™! 

Chewing a Liquid Core® Gum vs. coffee, shots or energy drinks
Chewing gum with the Liquid Core® of energy is better than any other form of energy, because it is multi-dimensional, and because of this it can help the person chewing it Be in The Moment™.  Every other energy source is one-dimensional.  Drinks, gels, pills, shots – they provide just the energy component.

  • ..Major University and NIH science on this is clear: There are cognitive benefits from chewing gum that no beverage can deliver.  These benefits include:
  • Enhanced Memory Recall
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Concentration


Liquid Core® Energy Brands provide the complete package: A discreet, perfect-sized chewing gum that promotes an hour or more of smooth chewing that helps you Be in The Moment.

  • Size, Ingredients & Form Matter!  The small “dry pressed” gum product that many brands offer cannot compare with our Liquid Core® gums, which you want to chew longer & more often.
  • Only ingredients that serve a specific purpose or provide a certain benefit are used in the Liquid Core® gums.
  • We chose to take a more technical route by placing our functional ingredients in the liquid center.  The taste, texture and performance of Liquid Core® gums are unmatched!
  • We are Smarter Energy with an Edge!™


Introducing New Liquid Core® Wellness Brands

  • The Liquid Core® energy gums are amazing, but sometimes you want to Chew Your Relaxation. At the end of the workday, after a run, following midterms – any time you want to wind down.
  • The “New Normal” worldwide make this an ideal time to try the Liquid Core® wellness gums that can reduce mild or temporary anxiety in addition to the other cognitive benefits you get from chewing.

Announcing SPACE STATION® Countertop Vending Technology
Since we had this amazing, growing family of Liquid Core® brands, and we had the technical skills to build the world’s first jet-powered Flying Motorcycle, we were fairly certain we could develop a truly remarkable distribution system that was no bigger than a Keurig machine.

In less than 20 months, the Liquid Core® Technology Lab designed, built, engineered and programmed SPACE STATION® and the App!

  • SPACE STATION® is to Liquid Core® what the miniature fridge was to Red Bull. It’s iconic!
  • Touch-Free purchasing & sampling – including Tap-to-Pay and Text-to-Dispense.
  • In the era of COVID, SPACE STATION® is the Ideal Sampling Device that does everything except reload itself. Scan a QR code, and it dispenses.  Boom!  Truly touch-free.
  • Autonomous technology monetizes 24/7 in places like hotels, resort & clubhouse changing rooms, private airports, sports complexes – anyplace where self-serve is key.

What’s Your CORE?  We Made our Customers the focus of our Corporate Philanthropy

Lots of companies support many great causes, ours included.  While trying to decide which cause to support in the coming year, we had an epiphany:  Let’s celebrate and Empower our greatest asset: Our Liquid Core® Consumers. 

Everyone has something or someone that they are passionate about.  For many of us, this CORE is something we love to talk about.  So, in October 2020, we debuted What’s Your CORE? to celebrate Your Kids; Your Hobby; Your Philanthropy; Your Classic Car; Your Amazing Dog; Your Awesome Neighbor.

ANYTHING that moves you, that you’re proud of, that inspires you or defines your CORE. We’ll even Fund Your Core.